Mark Nair

Mark Nair

Electricical Technician and TCRO

Mark was part of the original team of Egis Electrical technicians. He brought to Egis a background in construction including domestic, commercial and industrial and Mining (operations and maintenance).

As an Egis technician, Mark is responsible for the maintenance and repair of tunnel assets and as a backup for Incident Response Crew for on-road incidents.

Mark’s eagerness to broaden his knowledge and learn new skills led to a role as a Tollroad Control Room Operator (TCRO) and he has recently passed his assessment.

Mark is able to combine both technician and TCRO roles at Egis maintaining his currency in both areas. He has recently completed instrumentation qualifications and intends to update his hazardous area skills and qualifications.

Mark has successfully transitioned from mining and construction to road and infrastructure ‘operations and maintenance’ and continues to look for opportunities to improve and contribute to Egis.