Incident Response

Incident Response

Egis benefits from and builds on years of experience in incident management nationally and internationally. In Australia, Egis has held incident response contracts on privately managed roles in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne with the current contracts on:

  • WestConnex
  • Brisbane Tunnel Network (currently servicing Legacy Way, and over the next 2 years: AirportLink, Clem7, GoBetween Bridge and Inner City Bypass)

The incident response services that Egis provides includes:

  • Initial response to roadway incidents
  • Coordination with emergency services agencies
  • Breakdown assistance to motorists
  • Safe coverage to road workers (TMA coverage)
  • Removal of accident damaged or disabled vehicles (Tow trucks)
  • Recovery works resulting from accidents, incidents and spills

As well as safety objectives, the experienced crew, systematic integration of Egis incident response plans and the purpose built plant and equipment minimises the impact of the incidents on traffic flow and provides optimum lane availability.

People and Training

Recruitment, on-boarding and training program prepares Egis Incident Response Officers for surveillance and incident response activities in different situations. Through their training and experience, they are prepared to deliver effective communication with all parties involved in incidents. This ensures that qualified, and well equipped IR crews are deployed to recover and clear different incidents and restore the traffic flow as quickly as possible, working in a safe manner at all times.

Systems and Documentation

Egis has developed a comprehensive collection of plans and procedures specifically for incident response. These documents are customised for new projects with consideration of local conditions, regulations and client requirements. The objective of these documents is to define (among other things) incident response crew objectives, responsibilities, and communication protocols required to ensure safe response and efficient resolution of incidents.

Plant and Equipment

Egis plant and equipment are purpose built for rapid deployment, management and resolution of incidents.  Our incident response vehicles are fitted with safety enhancements such as high profile lights, signage, and warning signals appropriate for work in high volume traffic environments.  The fleet is comprised of:

  • Truck mounted attenuators
  • Tow trucks
  • Traffic management truck
  • Light response vehicles