Egis is developing its capacity to deliver maintenance services in fire and electrical mechanical systems outside its operation and maintenance contracts. These services are Asset Management focused having regard for the whole-of-life management of the asset.

Our standalone maintenance services utilise the asset management systems to record details of works performed on all assets.  This ensures total visibility of completed work, maintenance of documents and records for auditability and compliance for our clients.

Electrical Distribution

Electrical services are integral to the operation and maintenance of our tunnels with their highly complex electrical systems and associated safety implications on road users. Our maintenance team have developed an outstanding record for completing maintenance tasks on time while meeting the expectations of our clients.

Egis electrical distribution services includes all aspects of inspection, maintenance and repair of electrical distribution assets and associated equipment. Electrical distribution assets consist of high, medium and low voltage electric power distribution system components, including:

  •     Manual and automatic transfer switches,
  •     Power circuit breakers, and
  •     Transformers

Fire systems

Building on the requirements of our tunnel contracts Egis provides fire systems maintenance services using AS1851 as our baseline. Tunnel Network Services Pty Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Egis holds the QBCC licence no. 15072169 for maintenance of:

  •     Fire Detection, Alarm and Warning Systems
  •     Emergency Lighting
  •     Passive Fire Protection - Fire Doors and Shutters
  •     Fire Hydrants and Hose Reels
  •     Portable Fire Equipment and Hose Reels (Hose Reels Downstream of Stopcock Only)


Egis HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) services are based around inspections, maintenance and rectification works of industrial:

  •     Package units
  •     Split systems
  •     VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems
  •     Refrigeration
  •     Mechanical air handling equipment

Egis holds QBCC the licence:

  •     Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Including Limited Design