Roads & Tunnels

Egis has been focused on operations and maintenance services of major infrastructure in Australia since 1996.  Over this 30-year period, Egis has achieved success in roads, trams and ports.

In Australia, Egis is recognised as road tunnel specialists. Our current projects in Brisbane under Tunnel Network Services (TNS) is wholly owned by Egis.  TNS contract has replaced Legacy Way contract on 2nd August 2017 to deliver incident & maintenance (I&M) services for its tunnel network in Brisbane totalling 24 km of urban roads, including 15.5km of tunnels. 

TNS’ activity scope covers all the tunnel network of Transurban Queensland (TQ) with the delivery of integrated incident response and maintenance (I&M) for TQ tunnel network. The network comprises of five existing urban road and tunnel assets in Brisbane namely Legacy Way, Go-between Bridge, Inner-City Bypass, Clem7 and AirportLink M7.  

TNS commenced the I&M services for Legacy Way and Go Between Bridge in 2017 and AirportLinkM7 and Inner City Bypass in 2018 and Clem7 in 2019.  TNS is in steady state of the agreement.  The contract runs for a duration of 6+2 years.

Our most recent success was the award of the WestConnex Operations and maintenance contract as a 50% shareholder of Fulton Hogan Egis O&M Pty Ltd.

Our leadership in the road and tunnel operations and maintenance is a result of our long history in this sector, and willingness to adapt ourselves constantly to the market. We are a reliable partner of choice owing to our focus on:

  • Quality: we are quick to adopt standards and implement new technologies
  • People: we select the right people and invest in their development
  • Transparency: we are transparent in our pricing - balancing risk and value
  • Knowledge: we seek a return on our experiences through sharing knowledge with Egis projects worldwide
  • Value: we strive for the best whole-of-life value

Traffic Operations

  • traffic management,
  • incident response
  • road safety
  • roadway inspections and maintenance

Control room operations

  • infrastructure operation
  • emergency response management
  • asset monitoring
  • security
  • liaison with emergency response agencies, regional road network managers, local authorities and other tunnel operators


  • asset planning
  • condition monitoring
  • preventative maintenance
  • rectification works
  • refurbishments
  • replacement
  • upgrades