Urban Transport

Egis: unequalled expertise for urban transport projects

Egis is an international group offering engineering, project structuring and operations services.  In engineering and consulting, its sectors of activity include: transport, urban development, building, industry, water, environment and energy.  Our ambition is to support the development of the ambitious program of Australia in public transport, by bridging local capacity with international expertise in order to develop an Australian base engineering office dedicated to transport system design, engineering and project management.

Design at the heart of creating value for our clients

In the field of construction engineering, the creative act "simply" means transforming an idea born from a need, into a ‘fit for purpose’ object. 

In the beginning, there is the design.  When engineers or draftspersons initially find themselves in front of a blank computer screen their experience will allow them to integrate everything that might have an impact on the cost and quality of the project.  This goes much further than just applying standards and norms.  No machine is capable of replacing the designer’s intuitive vision.

During the subsequent calculation and drawing phases Egis designers have at their fingertips the most sophisticated computer tools, adapted to each type of project.  Throughout the world Egis is a privileged Autodesk partner.  Egis can also provide digital 3D models when required.

As the concept is developed each part of the construction and the work of each trade is analysed with the same thoroughness to ensure our clients are provided with fully optimised proposals.

Egis, driving a new angle for Tramways

Actively involved from the start of the revitalisation of the modern tramway in the 1980s and 1990s (in Strasburg and Grenoble), Egis has been involved on more than 80 new tram lines around the world as a prime consultant. As a European leader in tramway engineering, it showcases its excellence and capacity for technical innovation in the creation of tram systems in many different context and environment. Recent flagship projects include: Nice (Riviera in France), Birmingham LRT network extension, Luxembourg Luxtram, Casablanca (lines 3, 4 and 5), Paris (4 lines), Montpellier…

As instigators of a fresh way of conceiving urban space and mobility, Egis has developed 4 different products for different context: the classic tram (involving high quality public space development and bringing a resolutely modern image for the city), the short tram (enhancing the image of the city with shorter cars and simplified systems), the Economical trams (providing tram level of service to smaller cities constraint by reduced budget) and Express trams (providing tram’s level for service in dense areas and fast services in peri-urban areas making a good solution for airport link for instance).

More than a mobility solution, tram projects are underpinning a new style of urban living, putting soft mobility, placemaking and people liveability to the center.

Egis is able to bring the full suite of engineering & consultancy services for tram development, from concept stage to delivery, covering scopes such as civil, system, architectural and city scaping aspects (“facade to facade” approach), acting as planners, project managers, designers or supervisors.

Customised Urban Transport Solutions

Egis has the expertise to deliver a wide range of urban transport solutions: bus rapid transit (BRT) systems, funiculars, cableways, automated shuttles, etc.

For every type of transport system it designs and sees through to completion Egis brings all of its skills into play from the earliest stage of a project, from choosing the appropriate transport mode to project completion. Egis has mastery of all disciplines required for your projects: from tunnelling to rolling stock, systems and buildings, and even viaducts.

Egis is currently developing a number of important urban transport systems, delivering both project management and PMC services and providing guidance as to the most appropriate modes: a people mover in Cairo, Egypt, BRT in Montbéliard, Cannes, Nîmes, Quimper, Lorient and Lyon Line C3 in France.

Egis, pioneers and still at the cutting edge of Metro projects

Egis' expertise in managing major metro projects (conventional or driverless) is recognised by clients throughout the world. Egis is currently piloting numerous green field and brown field projects in France and internationally. 
Egis is a pioneer in multiple fields: design of underground structures, use of a bentonite shield TBM for the first time in France, new track laying techniques and numerous automation and modernisation assignments for existing metros.

Founder of the original metro systems in the French cities of Lyon and Marseille, in the 1970s, Egis was at the forefront when driverless systems start emerging in the 80’s, with the implementation of the first driverless high capacity metro in Lyon (line D). Since then, Egis was involved on many metro development programs around the world, such as in Paris, New York, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Doha, Riyad, Mumbai, Chennai, Macao. Egis is notably involved in the biggest metro project in Europe, the Grand Paris Metro, notably as System EPCM on line 15, 16, 17 and 18, showcasing his leadership in driverless metro systems on his historical market.

Egis is also called upon when metro projects need to be upgraded to bring higher level of service to customers without interruption of service. Egis is presently involved on highly sensitive system migration projects in Lille (capacity increase), Lyon (automatisation) and Lausanne (automatisation) for instance.

Egis' expertise in underground and elevated infrastructure design, driverless system implementation, depot design, rolling stock engineering in highly constraint urban environment enables us to offer a unique experience to project developer such as public authorities or private concessionaires.