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Egis has signed a contract with the Amsterdam municipality for the operation of the on-street parking services of the city after having won the tender against four other competitors, all based locally.

Amsterdam on-street parking enforcement system can be considered today as one of the world most advanced. This is in particular due to the use of special scanning cars that drive around the city payment areas in order to check license plates, limiting considerably the presence of parking agents walking on the street. The scanned plates, as well as the associated GPS data of the parked cars are sent from the car to the enforcement back office of the operator which remotely checks the existence of legitimate parking rights for each scanned license plate. The parking rights are daily checked in cooperation with the local authorities such as the Police and the City Tax service.

Egis is will concentrate on developing a presence in smart parking projects in Australia. As an integrator of technologies and services Egis will develop its role based on its strengths in operations and maintenance.

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