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Our aim is to provide reliable, cost competitive and clean power solutions to the emerging markets. To achieve this, we leverage innovative technologies, develop new service models, set up efficient maintenance organizations, explore new business models and look for establishing effective partnership with global technology providers, local operating partners and financial investors.

Wind-it is an innovative renewable energy generation solution developed since 2007 by Elioth, a specialist subsidiary of Egis. Wind-it is a wind powered telecommunications tower designed to expand and improve mobile networks in places far from reliable electrical grids.

The innovation, combining wind turbines and a small solar power unit, helps to considerably reduce and possibly dispense with fuel oil-driven generators which are traditionally used to supply power to communications towers. The Wind-it tower, designed for mobile telecommunications base transceiver stations can be scaled to produce excess energy and thereby contribute to local electricity needs, offering a solid mix of electricity supply through renewable energy.

With many mobile blackspots experienced throughout Australia, Egis is looking to develop a pilot project to introduce this technology to the Australian market. More information can be found on the Wind-it website, or contact us for opportunities in Australia.

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