Flinders Ports

Investor; operation and management

In 2000, the South Australian Government recognized the need to improve the utilization and levels of service at its seven busy ports, known collectively as the Flinders Ports Corporation. From the 2001 to 2010 Egis held a 7.14% share in the Flinders Ports concession company which operated and managed the ports of Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Wallaroo, Port Pirie, Port Giles, Thevenard and Klein Point, handling over 14 million tons per annum, including 120,000 containers. In 2010, Egis sold its interests in the Flinders Ports.

South Australia
Date: 2001-2010
Duration: 99 years
Client: Flinders Ports Pty Ltd

Project overview

Flinders Ports owns all port-related assets, leases port land for 99 years and is licensed to use the port channels. It is responsible for all capital expenditure in the port and day-to-day management and operations, such activities being subcontracted to AdEgis.

Our missions

Egis Projects Asia Pacific was the leader of the successful bid for the ownership and operation of this critical economic infrastructure. Since 2001, Egis Projects Asia Pacific has taken part in this highly successful public-to-private sector transition project. In just a few years of initial operation, the operating company has achieved significant operating cost savings and initiated its capital works program.

Egis Projects Asia Pacific’s roles also included:

  • Ports ownership: Egis Projects held 7.14% shares in the port owner Flinders Ports.
  • Ports management and operations: Egis Projects through its 50% shares in AdEgis together with Adsteam managed and operated the 7 ports under a management contract with Flinders Ports.
  • Ports development and capital works project management: Egis developed and managed the implementation of a A$60m capital works program over 3 years on behalf of Flinders Ports.