Melbourne CityLink

Foundation shareholder, operation and maintenance contractor, design and construction (electronic tolling) and traffic management

Egis was a key partner and sponsor in the successful bid for this complex toll road, featuring tunnels and Australia’s first free flow tolling system. After completion of construction Egis role continued as part of the operating company, Translink Operations (TLO).

Date: 1996-2006 (Operations and Maintenance Contract); 2006-2013 (Operations Contract)
Duration: 10 years Operations and Maintenance; 7 years Operations
Client: Transurban

Project overview

The Melbourne City Link (MCL) is a 22km tollway from the Tullamarine freeway to the Monash Freeway via the city, with daily traffic volumes of more than 100k vehicles. The Western Link section is 13.4 km largely comprised of elevated motorway and the Southern Link section is 8km of 6 lane freeway largely comprised of 2 tunnels totalling 5.1km as well as the Bolte Bridge structure over the Yarra River.

The delivery model for the project was Build/Own/Operate/Transfer with the State of Victoria being the Grantor to Transurban which was a listed entity.

TLO has implemented Egis’ vast knowledge on incident response and was seen to be Australia’s foremost expert on motorway operations and incident response.

Our missions

Egis had a number of roles in the project including the following:

  • Egis was the design & construction subcontractor for the electronic tolling equipment and Traffic Management equipment via a JV vehicle with Transfield, Translink Systems    
  • Egis, as JV partner in TLO, was the O&M contractor from start up to 2006
  • Following a project restructuring in 2006 TLO become the Operator and continued as such until 2013
  • Egis was foundation shareholder in Transurban.

The original O&M contract included toll collection, customer service, operations traffic management, incident response, and routine maintenance. Maintenance included civil, electrical, mechanical and fire safety assets and ITS. Transurban took over all toll collection activities from TLO in 2000.