Sydney M2

Operation and maintenance services

Egis provided operation and maintenance services (via its 50% ownership of the Tollaust Pty Ltd special purpose vehicle. This arrangement continued from 1997 to 2006 when Egis sold its interest. Egis continued with the M2 through the operation services contract which Egis held in its own right for the period: 2006 to 2013.

Date: 1994 - 2013
Duration: 19 years
Client: Initially Hills Motorway then Transurban

Project overview

The Hills M2 Motorway is a dual two carriage way 22 km urban motorway between Epping Road and Old Windsor Road in Sydney’s North-West and is a key part of the Sydney Orbital Road Network. Key features include 8 junctions, two 460m tunnels, dedicated bus lanes in the median between old Windsor Road and Beecroft Road and tolling facilities.

Key success indicators during Egis’ involvement in the M2 include:

  • Introduction of the first electronic tolling technology used in Australia and in 2003 upgraded this technology to adopt the interoperable CEN standard that was being introduced at that time.
  • Egis set the benchmark in New South Wales, introducing annual desktop exercise involving RTA, all Sydney motorway operators, emergency services and local communities.
  • Egis initiated and introduced the concept of three-yearly field exercises. This had never been done in Sydney before on this scale without disruption to traffic. This successful innovation involved over 300 people and agencies and motorways from around the country. Egis received recognition from NSW Police and government for efforts in this field.
  • The development of a quick recovery service to handle breakdowns on the M2 during the upgrade and widening between 2011 and 2013 when the shoulders and breakdown lanes were removed and breakdowns caused major delays and blockages. The service provided was the deployment of purchase built dual capacity tow trucks with less than 10min average response time.
  • Accident numbers on the M2 have been reduced by at least 25% in the period that Egis held the operations contract.

Our missions

The approach to O&M on the M2 was based on public safety, maximum availability of the motorway, ensuring assets achieve their durability and design life and maintaining functional performance.

Until 2006 Tollaust provided all aspects of operations and maintenance, including;

  • Air quality management
  • Operation and maintenance of the toll collection system
  • Control room management
  • Incident management
  • Traffic management         
  • Routine maintenance (civil, electrical, mechanical, fire safety, ITS)
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling

Since 2006 as the provider of operations services Egis has provide all services associated with operations including, control room operations, incident management and traffic management.

As part of initial bid consortium, Egis prepared the functional specifications for much of the project and was heavily involved the development of the tolling, control centres and ITS systems specifications. This early involvement ensured a commitment and focus on operations and maintenance from the project’s inception.