Egis conducts business with effective management systems. Our businesses are accredited to:

  • ISO9001 Quality
  • ISO14001 Environment
  • AS/NZ4801 Occupational Health and Safety

These certifications demonstrate a commitment to implementing appropriate and effective documented systems and adapting these systems in response to learnings and changes in the environment that we conduct business.

Egis embraces and is actively involved in continuous improvement of its business and systems.  Two current projects are ISO 55000 certification, and developing our management systems into an Integrated Management System.

The aim of the Egis Integrated Management System (Egis IMS) is to integrate the management system requirements for quality, safety, environment and asset management into one framework for easier management and execution of the business operations.

What this means is that the processes for every function in the organisation will employ quality, safety, environment and asset management requirements, and as a result, the responsibility for these aspects will be shared by all areas, with their focus turning to Egis' objectives and vision.


Egis is committed to maintaining a safe workplace. We achieve this through many means including recognising and rewarding safety leadership, and a positive reporting culture that allows identification of trends in lead indicators. Our prime safety objective is to progressively minimise and eliminate or control risks to employee’s occupational health and safety, satisfy stakeholder needs and expectations and government regulatory requirements.


Our quality systems ensure that we have appropriate systems and documentation in place which we utilise to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction. These accredited systems demonstrate that we embrace and actively pursue opportunities for continuous improvement.


Our prime environmental objective is to improve environmental performance taking into account regulatory requirements and customer needs, expectations and requirements. We recognise our environmental responsibilities and commit to the improvement of environmental performance in all our activities and projects.


Egis maintains licenses and has competent people trained and authorised to conduct work activities:

Registered Traffic Management provider

  • Queensland Transport and Main Roads
  • New South Wales RMS


  • Queensland Contractors License

QBCC (Queensland Builders and Contractors Commission)

  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Detection, Alarm and Warning Systems Trade Contractor Licence
  • Fire Hydrants and Hose Reels
  • Passive Fire Protection - Fire Doors and Shutters
  • Portable Fire Equipment and Hose Reels (Hose Reels Downstream of Stopcock Only)
  • Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Including Limited Design