Tunnel Network Services

Incident Response and Maintenance Agreement for the Brisbane tunnel network

Date: 3-Aug-2017
Duration: 6 years plus 2 x 1 year options for extension
Client: Transurban Queensland
Concession company: Transurban Queensland

Project overview

The Legacy Way asset owner, Transurban Queensland (TQ), integrated Legacy Way in a new contractual arrangement to integrate incident response and maintenance (I&M) services across their Queensland tunnel network.

This contract was awarded to Tunnel Network Services (TNS, an Egis subsidiary) in May 2017, with TNS progressively taking over the I&M Services from 2017 to 2019 for Legacy Way Tunnel, Go between Bridge, Airportlink M7,  Clem7 and Inner City Bypass.

Our missions

TNS delivers integrated services in line with TQ's holistic approach to incident response and maintenance (I&M). Network-wide I&M will drive enhanced outcomes, achieve synergies and deliver high quality services to the tunnel network users through faster response times and a clear focus on safe lane availability.

 TNS Management System

TNS has developed a purpose-built and integrated Tunnel Network Services management system (the TNSMS) for the delivery of the I&M Services. The TNSMS is certified against the quality management, safety management and environmental management requirements of:

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management
  • AS/NZS 4801: Safety Management.

These certifications demonstrate a commitment to implementing appropriate and effective documented systems and adapting these systems in response to learnings and changes in the environment that we conduct business.


 What this means is that the systems and processes for every function in the organisation will employ quality, safety and environment management requirements, and as a result, the responsibility for these aspects will be shared by all areas, with their focus aligned with the TNS Vision, Mission and Values.


Quality Policy

Our quality systems ensure that we have appropriate systems and documentation in place which we utilise to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction. These accredited systems demonstrate that we embrace and actively pursue opportunities for continuous improvement.


Environmental Policy

Our prime environmental objective is to improve environmental performance considering regulatory requirements and customer needs, expectations and requirements. We recognise our environmental responsibilities and commit to the improvement of environmental performance in all our activities and projects.


Work Health & Safety Policy

TNS is committed to maintaining a safe workplace. We achieve this through many means including recognising and rewarding safety leadership, and a positive reporting culture that allows identification of trends in lead indicators. Our prime safety objective is to progressively minimise and eliminate or control risks to employee’s occupational health and safety, satisfy stakeholder needs and expectations and government regulatory requirements.