Oliver Leupold

Oliver Leupold

Business Development Manager

Having worked as a Project Manager and Business Development Manager at Egis for more than 10 years I have been involved in in world class projects throughout Europe and more recently Australia. I have actively contributed to several success stories and developed close relationships with colleagues in different countries In my current role in Australia, I connect subject matter experts in Australia and other countries to facilitate knowledge transfer.

I embrace the team culture and the values Egis stands for. Although the corporate strategy is rapidly evolving and has led to significant diversification of its services offering, Egis develops its employees with a long term vision.

I gain personal satisfaction from facing new challenges in different contexts and leading projects to that enhances Egis presence in different markets. I leverage group wide experiences and translate them into new business opportunities.

In my current role as Business Development Manager, places me at the interface of integrated operational  and the leadership teams in Australia and support and management staff at our Paris headquarters.

My assignment to the Australian Egis office started on the right foot with the successful bid for the operation and maintenance of WestConnex, Australia’s largest infrastructure project.